About Me

Since I was a little kid I asked myself questions about the origin of life. Questions like: shouldn’t the first people alive have complete organs to not only survive but also to reproduce? How could the first heart beat and how could they reproduce if all vital organs needed time to evolve? Isn’t it logical that all body elements should have immediately appeared fully functional?  And was the first person a man? And there happened to be a woman nearby at the same time, right? Was it a baby or a grown man? How could a baby survive without the care of parents, who weren’t there since it was the first man? If not how could a grown man suddenly appear? Or a monkey? Or an elephant?

All those questions . And no satisfying answer other than that life must have been designed, purposely made.  (Macro) evolution didn’t make sense to me at all.

I couldn’t help but see intelligent design as the only logical answer to all those questions. After years of study and looking into so called evidence for both evolution and design arguments I realized that, indeed, intelligent design is the most logical conclusion to make. Unless you have an agenda. An agenda that says: I don’t like the idea of Someone watching me and wanting to influence my moral compass. Which I think is the main reason for people to stay in unbelief if they are really honest.

Because looking at the facts you’ll realize that there is nothing substantial to hold onto if you believe in macro evolution. You really should be walking blindfolded through life to miss the evidence that everything points to another direction, which is that life is designed. All those questions I asked myself as a teenager fall into place once I realized this. It’s not a God of the gaps argument that led me there, it’s simply looking at the facts.

The way to Truth led me to christianity. On this site you’ll find reasons why you too should.

Since I am a believer in Jesus Christ, the main ingredient of this site is dedicated to apologetics and its frontmen like William Lane Craig Ravi Zacharias and John Lennox, archeology of the Bible, articles and videos about science and religion, the miracle of the Turin Shroud, and information that show why we should reject macro evolution.

As Christians we have good reasons to believe in the truth of the Gospels, and as this site will show science is on our side. Enjoy and God bless.